About Story Forms

I found very little on the internet to help writers crossing over from different writing forms to TV and stage- so I started this blog to chart what I learn as I learn it on the road to writing a good spec script.  My goal is to share this knowledge and get feedback from writers on the same path.  Some of the content here is adapted from other teachings I’ve picked up along the away and some from my own insights.  Your comments are always appreciated.

Note this blog used to be called Writing the TV Spec Script but since it is really about TV & Stage I decided to call it “Writing The TV Spec Script and Writing plays and oh, yeah, other Writing Stuff from Prose Which may or may not be Related” . I then shortened that to Goose Quill.

Colm Byrne



2 responses to “About Story Forms

  1. Hi There !

    Your blog is great. I always wanted to write a spec and I’m also familiar with the Ellen Sandler’s technique. I never could apply what she said be cause I couldn’t find the 3 scripts of TV shows that I like.
    Where do you get them ?

  2. Hi, I was wondering what other script resources that you might have access to. I saw the parent directory that comprised the Mad Men scripts and found some other stuff, but I’m just curious if you might have other covert resources you might be able to share.

    Thanks for the great posts,

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